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  • When you submit the order to avail our service, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.
Definition Of Words
  • "Website" means FinestAcademicHelp.co.uk.
  • "Customer," "You," or "Yours" means the individual who is placing the order.
  • "Company," "We," or "Our" means the brand providing the service, which happens to be finestacademichelp.co.uk.
  • "Product or Services" means work being delivered by finestacademichelp.co.uk.
  • "Order" means the service that the customer is availing from finestacademichelp.co.uk.
Our Services

When you make the order or payment, you are purchasing the service for your individual use only. The product is created by freelance writers/workers that transfer the copyrights of the product to the company. The service and/or products are not refundable and the brand offers no warranties (implied or expressed). Customers should read the terms and conditions before placing the order.You are hiring the service for your personal use by making the order. The work is created by the freelance writers/workers and they transfer the copyright to the company. Service delivered by us is not refundable and we do not provide any warranties (expressed or implied). All customers should read the terms and conditions properly before making the purchase.

Refund Policy

It is extremely essential that the customers read the terms and conditions of finestacademichelp.co.uk before placing the order. We do offer refunds but only on some special circumstances that are as follows:

Change Of Mind
  • Customer can get 100% refund on cancellation of order if our experts have not started working on it already.
  • We will charge 15% of the fees while giving the refund if you cancel the order after one hour has passed.
Unsatisfactory Delivery

You can get the refund under these circumstances in case you are dissatisfied with the delivery

  • If the company fails to meet the order requirements you had mentioned while placing the order.
  • If asked for, the company delivers unlimited revisions to the customers. In case the company is unable to deliver the work customer asked for then refund is given on a mutually agreed upon percentage (however only if the work delivered is totally wrong).
  • You can get revisions made to your order. If the work is unsatisfactory due to company’s fault then we do offer the refund on a mutually agreed upon percentage.
Late Delivery

If the customers can prove that the late delivery was made due to mistake on company’s part then we do offer refunds.

Refund Time Limit
  • You should contact us for the refund under 120 days after the delivery of the order.
  • You should always check the deadline for refund claim before placing the order.
No Refund Is Given In These Cases
  • If due to some minor technical issue, the company is unable to deliver the work on time then there will only be refund in case of mutual agreement. Even if there is a refund then it will be on a set percentage.
  • Company is not liable to give refund in case of some delay on the customer’s part.
  • There is no refund over claims of low writing.